My Philosophy

You shouldn’t compare wedding photography with a common coverage. My work is less about the mere conservation of your wedding day than a treasure hunt. The most beautiful day in your life should be presented from its most beautiful side, too. That’s why every wedding is like a completely new adventure to me.

At each wedding I’m trying to put myself into the bridal pairs position. Because then the look for the little details counts. The wedding rings, the flowers, the decoration. What is important to you is important to me, as well. Additionally, I don’t ignore the relatives and friends just making the wedding to such an emotional melting pot.

Simultaneously, I always keep myself in the background. Bride, bridegroom and their families shouldn’t feel observed – the tenseness is big anyhow. The result of my work will be professional, but natural photographs. What you find again on the wedding pictures neither is unnaturalness nor puppets. What you and me like to see – is human beings.

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